He spent four thousand to buy the shoe inside the broken flag worth millions

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According to "Daily Mail" reported that 58-year-old British military antique collector Gary? Lawrence spent £ 500 on the Internet to buy a shoe box full of flag fragments, the result of this flag is more than 200 years ago, the battle of the United States in the battle of the British League British Army Cold Creek Guards regiment, now worth more than 300,000 GBP

This is the only surviving 1815 Waterloo campaign during the British League British Army Cold Creek Guards Mission flag value, even more than the Battle of Trafalgar Banner is more historic. In 2015, the flag of Trafalgar's battle was more than £ 300,000. So, as the only side of the Battle of Waterloo during the banner of the value will be higher. "I bought the flag at an online auction in the United States last June," said Lawrence, "and the flag is really fragile and almost fragmented.


"We put it on a board and spent three days putting it up and then found it to be the banner of the Allied League allied forces during the Battle of Waterloo. More importantly, we knew that the battle of Waterloo had almost no flag from the battlefield Survived. After an in-depth study, we found that it was part of the British Army Cold Creek Guards regiment, everyone said it was a very important discovery, "Mr. Lawrence said. "It's almost a national treasure, it's a very important fight. I'm not saying that this flag is also rare in the flag of the Battle of Trafalgar, but it's probably more important," he added.


Lawrence said: "When I buy this box, the top of the box is sealed, I do not know what is inside, just read it that there is a cloth at that time, because we need to repair the period of things Use some of the fabric at that time, which is one of the reasons I bought it.


Berkouwer has been responsible for the restoration of the glorious banner of the past, she has preserved and restored more than 30 years of textiles, and with the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Trust and the National Museum of Scotland, including customers. Ms. Berkouwer said: "We restore things including tapestry decoration, clothing and a variety of signs. The flag of this item is usually very fragile, because it is folded up in the box, and completely broken off.Now must use translucent The fabric of the fight together to protect the flag, and then framed with a frame, I hope it can find a good home. gathers many flags and banners suppliers, offering various flags, flag, swooper flag, car logo flag, beach flag, hand flag and so on.