Buyer entry

 It is free for buyer to use all of the function on is a professional purchasing platform for advertising products and advertising service, the more convenience and benefit brings to buyer, more buyers will be willing to visit and purchase. Therefore, to keep developing new function, constantly improve media and ads data, attract more and more vendor to open shop and selling advertising resources. brings revolution for advertising area. It is a big challenge for outdated promotion method of advertising products which depends on salesman to market the products. For outdated promotion method, salesman only introduce their advantage, buyer is not easy to compare. While, will bring buyer great benefits as below:

1. Buyer can review all of the designer, factory and advertising provider on, compare and select. No matter you want to buy products or service, it is convenient like shopping in the supermarket.

2. A lot of time saved to collect and organize vendor information, buyer will have more energy to focus on other work.

3. A large number of designer, factory and physical advertising provider for comparison, buyer can choose the best one, and save money.

4. Convenient and quick platform for checking and comparing, no space for cheater, no need to worry about being cheated.

5. On, buyer can find designer, factory and physical advertising provider directly, take out the middleman, and energy and cost saved.

6. You can watch advertising industry news at any time, understand the Ads industry trends, keep updated on ads information, keep up with the times.

7. Can learn to discuss  advertising knowledge and communication skills

8. BBS—You can communicate with Ads different area people, like marketing person from different companies, Creative & Ads master, Designer etc. So you can develop a network of friends and contacts.